10 Ways to Progress Your Pushups

10 Ways to Progress Your Push-ups!

Are conventional push-ups just not giving you the training effect they once did?

You’re not alone!

As your body adapts, so too must your training in order to stress the muscles and nervous system to a degree that stimulates new muscle and strength.

I have provided my 10 favorite push-up progressions here, but this is by no means all of them.

Get creative, have fun, but most of all make sure you have mastered the conventional push-up before trying any of these variations.

1. Yoga push-up

2. Single-leg push-up

3. Spider-Man push-up

4. T-Spine push-up

5. Inchworm push-up

6. Valslide push-up

7. Band push-up

8. Med ball/BOSU push-up

9. Change Base of Support – Hand switches – Feet elevated push-up

10. Explosive push-ups – Explosive hand switches – Clap push-ups

I have provided you a list of 10 ways to progress your push-ups, with 14 different variations depicted in the video.

Pick 1 or 2 for the week that you want to work on and get after it!

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