Matt Bohnhoff – Testimonial 2018-10-23T13:42:09+00:00

Project Description

“My experience with Luke has been amazing! Being in my mid-20’s and really wanting to focus on my career has created a somewhat sporadic lifestyle where working out is sometimes on the back burner. Luke was able to create a tailored workout and nutrition plan that truly fit into my lifestyle without feeling like it was a pain or chore to tackle every day. Not only that, but we held several discussions and Q&A’s to ensure that he was creating something that got me to the goals that I found important.

Another HUGE difference in my eyes is Luke’s availability. Sometime’s random lifestyle questions cross my mind like the importance of certain nutrients, incorporating something new into my life or something as drastic as attempting to go vegan. Luke’s always my go to person when these things pop up as I receive honest and timely feedback based off his experience and education. For me, that’s what stands apart from others. He’s not there for a paycheck, he’s there to watch lasting changes with his clients and provide you information so you can make the best decisions for yourself. Not to mention his social media presence is awesome!

10/10 would recommend Luke to anyone looking for anything from a drastic lifestyle change or an athlete ready to make it to the big leagues!”