Plank Walkout

Use the Plank Walkout to simultaneously strengthen your core, chest, shoulders, and triceps with one dynamic exercise!

The Plank Walkout is one of the toughest anti-extension exercises out there.

“Anti-extension” relates to your ability to maintain optimal core position for the duration of the set, not letting your lower back arch or your hips to drop.

Th Set-Up:
1. Assume a normal position with your core engaged to keep your back flat.
2. As you walk your hands out to an overhead position, do not allow the hips to sag or lower back to arch.
3. Walk your hands out to a distance that will challenge you but allow you to control the movement and maintain technique
4. Walk your hands back, keeping the same focus on bracing your core and maintaining optimal spinal alignment.

🏋🏽 Trainer Tip 🏋🏽
Increase the difficulty of this exercise by pausing at the top of each rep and taking a full exhale to further engage the abdominal muscles.

Implement these into your training 1-2 times per week for 2-3 sets, determining reps by your ability and core control.

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