Plank Rear Delt Fly

Blast the shoulders and core with the Plank Rear Delt Fly!

Blast the shoulders and core with the Plank Rear Delt Fly!

This unique exercise gives you the opportunity to train for 3 benefits at once.

1. Shoulder Stability – the arm that is down must recruit a high number of stabilizers in the pecs, shoulders, and triceps to keep the arm in a stable position

2. Core Stability – you are training 2 of the major requirements for overall core stability here 1) anti-rotation and 2) anti-extension meaning you are not letting your hips rotate and “sag” down
*squeezing the glutes helps here

3. Muscle Hypertrophy and Endurance – the arm that is performing the rear delt raise experiences a high amount of metabolic stress with higher rep ranges leading to increases in muscle growth and endurance for everything from postural stability to assisting in your heaviest lifts.

Correct technique is imperative with this movement, so make sure you have a steady foundation of core and shoulder strength before trying this exercise.

Superset single-arm planks and conventional rear delt raises for high reps and see how you do.

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